Medium Vase and Large Vase
Our Range Of Vases Sizes
Bell Vase, Mini Vase and Small Pot Vase
Oil Pot, Round Bowl and Ashtray
Plates range in size from 2.5" to 8"
Small Box and Large Box
Dot painted Oval vase (Small, Medium and Large)
Dot Painted Medium Vase, Large Vase, Oval Vase and Bell Vase
Boomerangs (animal painted and resin) range in size from 6" to 26"
Set of Full painted resin boomerang with matching stand
Emu Callers & Clapsticks
Emu Eggs with gift box
Wine bottle holders
Oval Vase
Small, Medium & Large Plates
Flat Clap stick
Unframed Canvas are available in various sizes
18" Resin Boomerang Clock
Unframed Canvas are available in different colours
Fine Dot painted Canvas (15*10 – 25*20 – 35*30 – 60*45)
Fine Dot painted Bullroar
Fine Dot painted and Animal painted Emu Eggs
Dot painted Plate (4", 6", 8", and 10")
Dot painted Boomerang (From 6" to 26")
Wine vase, Small and Large round vase
Animal painted Oval vase (Small, Medium and Large)
Dot painted Canvas (40*40)

About Us

Waterhole Dreaming has been established since 1996, on the Gold Coast, QLD. We are a wholesalers of Australian art & souvenirs which includes Boomerangs, Canvases, Pottery and many other artifacts. All Boomerangs and bullroarers are handmade from "Brigalow", which is a strong native traditional Australian timber. We have selected this timber to make our products for its strength and beauty. The pottery we use is all made in Australia and is of high quality.

All the artwork produced by our artists are of high quality, contemporary Australian Art. All our products are hand painted and australian made. Each item is handmade, original and unique. Every painting tells a story and has a meaning to it.

Our products are beautiful and sell well throughout Australia and the World.

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